In today’s logistics and manufacturing environment automation plays important role.

However it is often associated with same concerns:

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  • Expensive to implement, with a long payback period
  • Difficult to move, remove or modify
  • Contains high mechanical and/or software complexity, which often makes implementation and thorough "debugging" difficult
  • When a significant part of the system fails, the whole system usually "goes down"

ATLS success was based on ability to address those concerns and make shipping area faster and safer, with lower operational cost.

ATLS benefits are delivered thru:

High Capacity

  • High loading speed (up to 150 pallets per hour for single layer loads)
  • One ATLS serves multiple shipping doors

Improved operation

  • Compact, easy to integrate with existing operation
  • Greatly improves shipping accuracy
  • Full traceability of product


  • Eliminates / reduces fork lift traffic
  • Eliminates / reduces fork lift related accidents


  • Handles any type of pallet, slip sheet, skid, rack or other unitized products
  • Works with non modified trucks, trailers and containers
  • ATLS works with soft, or hard side trailers
  • ATLS uses standard, non modified loading docks
  • One ATLS performs both automated loading and unloading
  • ATLS still allows manual operation
  • ATLS works with straight, or zigzag doors

Improved environmental protection

  • Uses plant power
  • Eliminates handling batteries and hazardous materials
  • Low energy consumption, less than 0.5€ per truck load (approximately 2.5 kwh)
  • Due to reduced loading area lowers energy consumption for chilled and frozen distribution

Quick Return on Investment

  • Reduces labor cost
  • Reduces product damage
  • No battery maintenance
  • Reduced floor space for loading

Watch actual videos of typical ATLS applications. Working with major, global companies was a good opportunity to prove our design, and create the options which can meet your specific needs.

ATLS design provides different solutions for specific operational requirements. Learn more about ATLS operation.

We at ATLS Equipment will work with you to design and implement the most suitable solution for your needs.