Technical Specifications

Trailer / Container requirements

Trailer / container width

Load pattern width + min 25 mm

Misalignment with loading dock

Up to +/- 120 mm  from center line

Trailer walls

Trailers with soft sides have to use standard kick plates 300 mm high

Trailer restraint


Loading doors

Loading dock levelers

All doors must be equipped with standard dock levelers, min 1750 mm wide

Dock levelers height / trailer floor

Up to +120 mm / -160 mm from floor level


Power requirements

Regular plant power

3x 380 V 50 Hz, or 3 x 460V 60 Hz


Controls / Communication


Rockwell Compactlogix

Communication with WMS

Ethernet and via RS-Linx through its Master Control panel

Communication with Cross Dock lines

Hard wired I/O’s


Transfer platform

Travel left - right

Up to 0.52 m/sec - adjustable

Platform door open / close

3-5 sec - adjustable

Loading doors served

Up to 20 loading doors


Loading Module

Capacity (cycles)

Up to 60 cycles per hour

Capacity (pallets)

120 pallets / hour, based 3 UL per row, 10 rows per truck

Lifting capacity

Up to 2700 kg


Loading Pattern

Virtually any loading pattern (unified or combination)




Automatic Truck Loading System Pattern

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